Loa Greyson presents: Island Beauty Official Song released on Spotify and YouTube

February 2021 – Loa Greyson is an artist with a focus on creating music that borrows from a wide variety of styles and influences. His genre-defying songs blur the lines between pop, jazz and soul, and there is also enough room to experiment with different ideas. His most recent studio release, Island Beauty, is yet another fascinating example of the artist’s ability to take his songwriting to the next level and come up with a great sound, which feels modern and fresh, yet so timeless and warm. What I really love about this release is the fact that the production has an incredible warm and rich sound. There is so much layering going on in the song, making for a one-of-a-kind listening experience. It’s really immersive, listening to this song with a good pair of headphones and allowing the rest of the world to turn away and shut off, with all of its troubles, if only for a little while. Loa is a gifted singer, who seems to be genuinely connected to the material. He has a way with words, and he has a way with melody, and this beautiful new song is certainly a great testament to his varied sound and feel. I would highly recommend listening to this release if you like heartfelt, melodic music, which is performed and produced extremely well! Loa is definitely going to make his way into your heart…and into your heavy rotation playlist!

Some of the first comparisons that come to mind are artists the likes of John Legend, Stevie Wonder, and Sam Smith, but Loa Greyson has a distinctive sound that stands out for its own perks and characteristics. Island Beauty is ultimately a fantastic example of excellence and artistry, and it is a fantastic fresh new chapter in the life and career of this talented recording artist to watch.

Find out more about Loa Greyson, and listen to Island Beauty. This release is currently available on most digital music streaming platforms on the web.