Alex Zind is a producer, pianist and remixer from Germany.

The multitude of styles and varieties are unbeatable. Alex’s music travels between Pop, Dance and Indie-Style.

At the age of 6, Alex started playing the piano. Soon playing concerts in Germany and Europe, this initiated an award-winning music career. In addition to classic piano, Alex was invited to add film music and special effects to some Hollywood productions such as “The Adventures Of Pinocchio”.

In 1993, Alex founded his record label and received a first contract in the year thereafter.
One of his hits “Funky Cold Medina” (Remix by TONE LOC) was sold more than 3.5 million times.

Alex worked with Stars like Kajagoogoo’s LIMAHL, Tina Harris from Sweetbox, Bands like “Alphaville”, “Leningrad Cowboys”, “Bomfunk MC’s” and “The Rasmus”.
Today, Alex is mastering chartbreakers of the 90’s into today’s dancefloor taste. His style varies and surprises every time, he launches a new production. But they all have one thing on common: They make you move!

ALEX ZIND is working with a lot different Singers and Artists around the globe. His new Single “Tears in B Minor” – a self composed song with Classical Piano elements, beautiful vocals, pumpin´beats and a melody which goes straight to the heart !